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♥ 4/25/2010♥

Wow..i realise i only  post 1 blog here..
No choice..having a kinda busy life now..
Finally i get my update now..=D

Working life really killing me..
Tiring..wan faint d~
Too much work & too little time to spare
Its seem like lots thing haven get to preparing up nicely.Haiz
Kinda fan & troublesome
Hope everything goin to settle it fast n clear..
Bored with this kinda of life d...suffering...
No more rely on family.no more getting money from them anymore
Cos pai seh to ask from them d since i got my job now..haha

Recently lots of fren pregnant..really shocked me..
Hope i can get mine soon?haha..J/K..=Pp
Kla..Gotta go play for games d...
Will updates more when im free...

*Missing family so muchies...MwacKksss

.......Little Diary......22:15

♥ 3/28/2010♥


Wow..Finally I get my new Blog.
Promise my dumbo sis to get a blog&to update my life here for her!*I know u miss me too much,=P*
Been editing it since kinda long time already ya?
Cos of my lazyness..Haha
B4 d blog d forget password&username as well *dumb me*

I come Jb for Bout few months already
Kinda miss home,Miss my family&My baobei Money..Seriously!
Think b4 go bek to kl work
But i wanted to earn money..i wanted to go SG to get a better job
Yet i know once i get bek to kl,for sure i will rely on my dad!
Its good aslo actually cos atleast now i learn to be independent
I learn to do Housework by myself,not as lazy as lastime.always MUmmy,Mummy?aha

Kinda suffering life here
Think b4 wanted to call bek home & ask help from dad
But dont dare,Dont wan to make him worry!
Or maybe after i tell him my situation here?
How sam fu am i?
Im sure he will ask me to get bek home..
Here Everything have to save,save&save.
Cant overspend or else im gonna eat shit!! lol
Cant shopping,Cant simply buy thing jor..*sad*
But it doesnt matter la..
Maybe its really time to change myself into a new me!!

Been leaving home quite a moment
Many thing change&happen!
Whole hs going to be renovation..Kaka..Good..
But too bad im In Jb now loh!!
Another thing is PoPo fall down at home & went in to hospital yesterday
D came out from hospital But sending her to sanatorium
Cos she cant get to walk now & have to sit wheelchair for quite a few months
& de most important is..
We cant get to take care of her!!
And de Stupid uncle..
When de popo fall down at home,
He call up my mum to tell her tat "wei,Your mum died d"
And den said"No no,Your mum leg patah d"
Crazy Fellow...mental problem!! lol

To Uncle:
If PoPo"YOur Mum died d"
I guess you will be very cham you know?
Cos Im sure you gonna kick out by uncle&You goin to sleep roadside..
Its not tat we duwan to take care of you..
cos of ur mental sick really bring us alots troublesome..
we cant & we dunhave de time to jaga u day&night&to avoid u kacau-ing ppl around..
We are tryin to tolerate you but wat u doin is really make us cant accept it

1)U whack your own mum & we call up police*sial sial*
2)U walking outside de hs road up&down,De neighbour call up police
3)Send u to ipoh tanjung rambutan without giving u any money But U can get run bek urself,Smart!!lol "soh mm sai" hahaha

Hm,Just hope PoPo faster recover bek from sick
& sorry tat we cant take care of yea!!

.......Little Diary......16:15